Interactive Sanitation Calendar

Trash and Recycling Collection Modifications due to COVID-19:

Due to the concern surrounding COVID-19, the City of Rye is limiting DPW staff to provide essential services only.  These changes are to protect our sanitation workers by limiting exposure and reducing the number of employees who work together in shifts.  Please take note of the following modifications to the trash and recycling pickup:

  • Trash Pickup (curbside only)  will be limited to one day per week, on your FIRST regularly scheduled pickup day (Monday or Tuesday)
  • Recycling Pickup (curbside only) will be limited to one day per week, on your SECOND regularly scheduled garbage pickup day (Thursday or Friday)
  • PLEASE bring all trash and recycling to the curb. If you need special accommodations or have a disability that makes this not possible, please email
  • Greenwaste/ Metal Pickup/ Electronics/ Food Scrap Recycling: Pickup is suspended temporarily for these items until further notice.
  • Please make sure all garbage bags are securely tied and easily accessible for staff to pick up.  Double bagging is encouraged.
  • The DPW office is closed.  If you purchase supplies from the Recycling Store, the items will be delivered to your residence.

The Resident Recycling Center (paper, cardboard, cans and bottles) and Food Scrap Recycling participants are still welcome to bring materials directly to DPW at Disbrow Park, 141 Oakland Beach Avenue.

Please adhere to rules of recycling whether that be for curbside pickup or drop off at the RRC.  Commingled recyclables are to be loose and not bagged.  Click here for guidance on the rules of recycling.
Additionally, a garbage truck will be stationed near the Resident Recycling Center for residents to use between 7am-12pm, weekdays (not on holidays).

 We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.