Building and Construction

Building Permit:

Building Permit and BAR Application: Use for exterior and interior work, application to the Board of Architectural Review (BAR), permit modifications and extensions, change of tenant occupancy, re-roofing and temporary tents.

Building Permit Instructions and ProceduresProvides instructions for all applications and policies and practices of the Building Department.  INCLUDES NEW COVID-19 DIGITAL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS.
BAR Submission Deadlines and Meeting Dates  Building

 Other Building Department Permits and Forms:  
 Building Department Fee Schedule  Building
 Blasting Application:  If blasting, a rock removal permit is also required  Building
 Certificate of Construction Compliance Building
 Change of Tenant Occupancy      Building
 CO Statement of Final Cost Building
 Demolition Permit   Building
 Electrical Permit    Building
 Engineering Review Application   Building
 Fence Application    Building
 Floodplain Management Permit  Building
 Generator Permit  Building
 Mechanical Permit    Building
 Plumbing Permit    Building
 Predate Letter Request   Building
 Right of Way Details   DPW
 Right of Way Permit  DPW
 Right of Way Utility Companies   Building
 Rock Removal Permit   Building
 Sign Application Packet  Building
Zoning Board of Appeals Application  City Clerk

Planning Commission

Seasonal Outdoor Customer Seating Permit Planning
Land Development Application Planning
LWRP - Coastal Consistency Application Planning
LWRP - Coastal Assessment Form Planning
 SEQRA - Short Environmental Assessment Form Planning
 SEQRA - Full Environmental Assessment Form Planning
 SEQRA - Visual Assessment Form Planning
 Telecommunications Facility Special Permit Planning
 Wetlands and Watercourses - Permit Application Planning
 Submission Requirements - Site Plan Planning
 Submission Requirements - Subdivision Planning
 Signature Block for Approved Plans Planning

Clerk Permits, Police Permits, Miscellaneous

Alarm Permits  Police Department
 Application for Copy of Birth Record   City Clerk
 Application for Copy of Death Record   City Clerk
 Application for Copy of Marriage Record   City Clerk
 Block Party Application   City Clerk
 Boat Basin Contractor's Permit City Clerk 
 Christmas Tree Seller's Application   City Clerk
 Dog License Application   City Clerk
 Dog Off-Leash Rye Town Park Registration Application   City Clerk
 Film Permit Application     City Clerk
 Fireworks Permit Application   City Clerk
 Gas-Oil Installer's Application    City Clerk
 Peddlers/ Solicitors Permit Application   City Clerk

See Clerk's Permit Page for more information

Permits Filed with the Police Department

See Police Alarm Permit Page for more information