Storm Emergency Information Center

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Emergency Services in Rye

Utility Services in Rye

  • Residential Gas & Electrical Distribution Service: Con Edison
  • Local Telephone Distribution Service: Verizon

Note: Local Telephone and Electrical Service in NY State is now available from multiple suppliers. However the above utilities still control the distribution networks. For more information on the de-regulation of utilities see the Public Service Commission.

Water Service

Cable TV

Note: The City of Rye has franchised Cablevision to provide multi-channel service to customers within the City. Service complaints can be reported to RCTV if customers are displeased with Cablevision service.

Sanitary Sewers

Storm Water

Street Lights - Traffic Signals


Westchester DOH handles:

  • Air Quality
  • Animal Facilities
  • Food Sanitation and Illness Investigation
  • Hazardous Waste Point of Sale Notification Law
  • Hotels and Motels Certification
  • Petroleum Bulk Storage Facilities
  • Pools and Beaches?
  • Radiological Health
  • Realty Subdivision Review
  • Regulations: The Sanitary Code
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Summer Camps Regulations
  • Toxic Substances and Hazardous Waste
  • Water Quality