The Department of Public Works' mission is diverse and complex. The impact of its services can be felt in all aspects of daily living in Rye. The City Engineer directs the Department of Public Works which is responsible for maintaining the City's physical infrastructure, refuse collection, recycling, and vehicle maintenance.

Key Services


  • All city vehicles
  • City trees - trimming, removal, and planting
  • Storm Drains
  • Parks
  • Roads
  • Sanitary Sewers
  • Traffic signs, traffic signals and street lights


  • Leaves
  • Paper and recyclable material
  • Sanitation


  • Snow removal - plowing, salting, sanding
  • Street cleaning

Other Useful Information


  • Ryan Coyne, PE, City Engineer
  • Craig Casterella, Tree Foreman
  • William Micalizzi, Garage Foreman
  • "Chip" Rigano, Road Foreman
  • Angela Yusi, Dispatcher