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codered logoIn 2014 the City of Rye Police Department installed the CODE RED System, an interactive notification system designed to contact residents and/or businesses to communicate emergency information to them.

CODE RED is a geographically based calling system to give public safety agencies the ability to quickly communicate with the public. The system allows the operator to scroll over specific areas on a map, or to select names or locations from a list, or to activate pre-designed lists of persons or locations, record a message, and transmit the message by telephone or email to the selected recipients. For example, if a report of a missing child is received, a description of the child can be recorded, along with instructions regarding how to contact the police, and automatically telephoned to residences and businesses in the surrounding area. That area can be broadened or changed as additional information is received.

Since the midnight ride of Paul Revere, public safety agencies have looked for better ways to notify the public in the event of an emergency. We have a number of systems in place – the emergency broadcast system, Rye Cable Television, fire horns, sirens, and loud speakers, for example – but the broadcast systems work only if the radio or television is on, and sirens and loudspeakers won’t be effective if a resident is asleep with an air conditioner on. CODE RED is less intrusive; the telephone is on, will ring to alert the resident, and will personally deliver a message.

It provides the Police Department with one additional means of providing critical information to the public.