The Department of Engineering provides engineering service and advice to all agencies and departments of the City; prepares and administers contracts for major public work projects and purchases; reviews all proposed improvements submitted to the Planning Commission for code compliance in the area of surface water control, erosion control, and adequacy of road, sewer and utility plans; administers various street opening and obstruction permits; provides field inspection for all of the above and oversees the administration of the Department of Public Works.

Key Services

Reviews and administers permit applications:

  • Filling and Dredging
  • Excavation on Public Property - Excavation includes house sewer lateral repairs and installations, sidewalk repairs and replacements, curb repairs and installations, and driveway installation. All of the above requires a permit.
  • Commercial Sites Under Construction - This includes reviewing and inspection of the drainage and sewer improvements that will be connected to the City sewer or drainage systems. This type of work requires a permit.
  • Permits for all Obstruction on Public Streets - This includes dumpsters, construction equipment, and materials. All of the above requires a permit.
  • Surface Water, Erosion and Sedimentation Control - This includes the installation of driveways, patios, walkways, changing the grade of the land, and the installation of a private drainage systems. All of the above requires a permit.


  • Sewer Main and Drainage Line Information - The Engineering Department provides the location, size, type, and depths of sewer mains and drainage lines.
  • Inspections of Subdivisions Under Construction - The inspections are performed on the proposed sewers, drainage and roadways. These inspections are performed to insure the new improvements are constructed in accordance with the subdivision approval.

Prepares construction contracts for all public improvements.

Online Documents


  • Ryan Coyne, PE, City Engineer, Email:
  • Melissa Johannessen, AICP, LEED AP, Project Manager