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Important Collection Dates to Remember:

  • Rye City Taxes: Feb 1- Feb 28
  • County Taxes (Collected by the City): May 1- May 31
  • Rye Neck School Taxes: Sept 1-Sept 30 and Nov 1-Nov 30
  • Rye City School Taxes are collected by the Rye City School District 

Please note that under New York State law, we cannot waive penalties or interest on overdue or late tax payments, unless the Governor has issued an Executive Order and/or special legislation has been passed by the State Legislature. Your tax payments must be received or postmarked by the United States Postal Service (postmarks produced by home/office postage machines are not sufficient) on or before the due date to avoid penalties and interest. Due dates that fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday are automatically extended to the next business day. Postdated checks cannot be applied to taxes due, and will be returned to the issuer, which may result in late payment penalties.

Rye City School District taxes (collection periods Aug 1- Aug 31 and Nov 1-Nov 30) are not collected by the City of Rye, but collected directly by the:

Rye City School District
555 Theodore Fremd Avenue โ€“ Suite B-101
Rye, New York 10580
Telephone: (914) 967-6100/extension 6276
Fax: (914) 967-6957

The city acts merely as an agent for the billing and collection of Rye Neck Union Free School District taxes. Inquiries other than the status of payments due should be addressed directly to the:

Rye Neck Union Free School District
310 Hornidge Road
Mamaroneck, New York 10543
Telephone: (914) 777-5200
Fax: (914) 777-5201