Taxi Cab Licensing

The City of Rye issues taxi cab and driver’s licenses throughout the City of Rye. To be eligible for these permits, one must be affiliated with a fully operational office in the City of Rye. All drivers and cabs must be vetted on an annual basis by the Rye Police Department and re-submit an application each year.  Please call (914) 967-1234 for your annual taxi inspection at the Rye Police Department.  You must provide license, registration, and valid insurance.  You must also provide two (2) current passport ID photos.

Taxi Stalls – Train Station

Taxi companies with three or more licensed drivers and cabs may be eligible for the annual City of Rye taxi stall lottery. All must abide the by the applicable due dates, made available to participants in November of each year. If the stall payment is not received before January 1, the stall will be forfeited by that company.


Starting in 2019, the annual fee for a taxi driver license is $100 and the fee for a taxi cab license is $175