Alarm Permits (Burglar/ Fire) – The Rye Police Department handles all alarm permits. Please contact them with questions at (914) 967-1234 or at 21 McCullough Place.

Blasting/Rock Chipping – The Building Department handles all blasting and rock chipping applications.

Boat Basin Contractors – Apply for a Boat Basin contractor’s permit.

Block Parties – Apply for a block party permit.

Citibank Signup/Baird Square – Signup for weekly advertising in Baird Square falls in July for the following calendar year for nonprofit organizations only.  Each organization may sign up for a max of three weeks per year.   Please note that most weeks sell out on the opening date. 

Christmas Tree Sales – Apply for a Christmas Tree sale permit.

Filming – Apply for a film permit within the City of Rye.

Fireworks– Apply for a fireworks permit. Fee: $1,000

Mechanical Installation – Apply for a mechanical installer’s permit.  Fee: $250

Peddlers/Solicitors– Apply for a Peddlers/ Solicitor’s permit.