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Government Access Channel 75/39

Rye Television works with the City Departments and the City Council to produce programs about City government and issues facing our community. These programs are cablecast on channel 75/39.

Channel 75/39 cablecasts LIVE "gavel to gavel" coverage of the City Council meetings, which are then rebroadcast at 11am the next day. RTV 75/39 is also currently running "Eye On Rye," the official program of the Rye City Council, five times per day. When not airing government access, Channel 75/39 runs a “Community Billboard” with a listing of government, community, and not-for-profit organization messages and events.

Community Access Channel 76/33

Rye Television provides access to the cable system by the community. All programs presented for cablecast must be submitted and signed for by a City of Rye resident, not-for-profit organization, or an employee of a legitimate business within the City limits. RTV is cable casting series programs and an assortment of one-time community events and programs, including Rye Neck School District programming on Tuesdays.

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Educational Access Channel 77/40

The Rye City School District produces its own programming for cablecast on Channel 77/40. The District employs one full-time media coordinator/teacher to produce district programming. In addition, the City of Rye and the Rye City School District co-operate a television production and editing facility at Rye High School.

Community Billboard

RTV operates a “Community Billboard” where local non-profit organizations may publicize their services or any upcoming event. This service is also used by the City to post a schedule of City of Rye meetings, events, and government information. The Billboard is updated on a regular basis.

Announcements may be sent to:

All messages must be strictly non-commercial in nature.

Friends of RCTV, Inc.

Friends of RCTV, Inc. is an organization whose mission is to insure the future of local access through financial support of RTV and advocating channel usage. Members sponsor fundraising events throughout the year. For membership information write to:

Friends of RCTV, Inc.
P.O. Box 796
Rye, New York, 10580

TV Production Workshops

Production workshops are offered on an as needed basis to groups planning to produce their own programs. Two courses offered are: Studio Production, and Location Shoot/Editing. For any resident interested in learning television production please telephone the RTV production facility at (914) 967-9106. RTV is always looking for volunteers to assist in the production of television programming. Those individuals who complete training at RTV will automatically become qualified to volunteer for RTV.