The Board of Appeals (sometimes also referred to as the Zoning Board of Appeals)  is the appellate board for the City's administrative proceedings and City Code requirements.  The Board most commonly considers applications seeking relief from the bulk and dimensional requirements (i.e. area variances) or use restrictions (i.e. use variances) of Chapter 197, Zoning, of the the City Zoning Code.  The Board also considers relief from the requirements of Chapter 100, Floodplain Management, of the Rye City Code.


 Term Expires
 Alan Weil, Chair  1-1-21
 Scott Beechert  1-1-22
 Susan Brown  1-1-20
 Peter Olsen  1-1-21
 Anthony Piscionere  1-1-22
 Maureen Powers  1-1-21
 Alan Wiener  1-1-20


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