The Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee was established to advise the City Council and other entities on traffic and pedestrian safety issues in the City of Rye.


 Term Expires
 Brian Dempsey, Co-Chair  1-1-22
 Kelsey Johnson, Co-Chair  1-1-21
 James Burke  1-1-20
 Dan Chorost  1-1-22
 David Crozier  1-1-21
 Nicholas D. Loddo, Jr.  1-1-20
 Jodi McGill  1-1-22
 Elizabeth Parks  1-1-21
 Lisa Urban  1-1-22
 Suki Van Dijk  1-1-20
 City Manager, ex-officio  
 Rye City Board of Education President, ex-officio  
 Superintendent of Schools, ex-officio