The Rye Sustainability Committee's mission is to draft and assist in the implementation of a Sustainability Plan for the City of Rye while addressing significant environmental issues in the community.


 Term Expires
 Melissa Grieco, Chair  n/a
 Suzanne Clary  n/a
 Patti Capparelli  n/a
 Susan Drouin  n/a
 Jenny Hirsch  n/a
 Gretchen Kaye-Crowley, Vice Chair  n/a
 Amy Kesavan  n/a
 Judith Linton  n/a
 Linda Mackay  n/a
 Kelly Smith-Powers  n/a
 Annalise Stack  n/a
 James Ward  n/a
  Sara Goddard, Liason  n/a


Agendas, Minutes, and Documents