This committee was reestablished at the February 6, 2002 City Council meeting. The Committee is tasked with the following:

  • To advise the City Council on issues relating to the operation and management of Playland as they affect the City of Rye
  • To identify and review neighborhood issues that arise relating to Playland
  • To maintain communication with the Playland management and the Westchester County Parks Board in order to stay current with policies at Playland
  • To monitor and anticipate new issues that may arise affecting the quality of life in Rye as they relate to changes in practices, changes in activities, or new uses of Playland.
  • To keep the City Council apprised of issues and activities of concern to Rye.


 Term Expires
 William Meyers, Chair   12-31-21
 Sabrina Bunn  12-31-22
 Caroline Cameron  12-31-22
 John Eagan  12-31-22
 John Fray  12-31-20
 Kimberly Higgins  12-31-21
 Lucinda McKinnon  12-31-20
 Mike Visci  12-31-21
 William Walsh  12-31-20