The Master Plan Task Force Members shall be appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval pursuant to City Council resolution passed at the July 8, 2016 City Council meeting.  The Task Force will continue the up-date of the 1985 City of Rye Development Plan to completion.


 Term Expires
 Josh Cohn, Mayor  n/a
 Andrew Ball   n/a
 Scott Beechert   n/a
 Laura Brett   n/a
 Brian Dempsey   n/a
 Nick Everett   n/a
 Katy Glassberg, RCSD Board of Education   n/a
 Kevin Grainger   n/a
 Julie Souza, Councilwoman   n/a
 Sara Goddard, Councilwoman   n/a
 Margaret Ricketts   n/a
 Christine Siller, Executive Director of Rye Arts Center   n/a