The Landmarks Advisory Committee is empowered to investigate, document, and make recommendations to the City Council for the designation and preservation of historic districts and Protected Sites and Structures. The Committee shall consist of eight members of whom at least five shall be City of Rye residents. Appointments shall include at least one architect or architectural historian, one member of the Rye Historical Society and one member of the local Real Estate Board. Members shall serve 3-year terms. Appointments shall be made by the Mayor with Council approval.  A chairman shall be selected by the Committee from among its members for a 1-year term.


 Term Expires
 Jerome Coleman, Chair  12-31-19
 Bill Ernest, Historic Society Representative  12-31-21
 Nancy Everett  12-31-19
 Rex Gedney  12-31-21
 Peter Rolland  12-31-21
 Maurio Sax  12-31-20
 Peter Tuneski  12-31-20
 George Zahringer  12-31-21