The Finance Committee was established by City Council resolution on Feb. 5, 1997 (amended by resolution 1-16-02-members to be appointed by City Council) consisting of seven members. At the meeting of 3-1-06 the membership was increased from 7 to 9 members; at the meeting of 1-20-10 the membership was increased from 9 to 11 members. Members are appointed by the City Council for three-year terms. The chairman shall be designated by the Mayor.        

The Finance Committee reviews all financial policies and procedures, and makes recommendations to improve the fiscal health of The City of Rye.


 Term Expires
 James Jenkins, Chair   12-31-22
 Fred Buffone  12-31-21
 Sam Dimon  12-31-20
 Vacancy  12-31-19
 William Gates  12-31-21
 Christine Groves  12-31-20
 Susan Watson  12-31-20
 Jon Peters  12-31-22
 Jim Sandling  12-31-22
 John Souza  12-31-21

Agendas and Minutes