Members of the Commission on Human Rights are appointed by the Mayor for 3-year terms.  The Chairperson is designated by the Mayor.  The Commission works to ensure that all citizens of Rye and beyond are treated equally, with fairness, promoting and understanding and acceptance of all.


 Term Expires
 Danielle Tagger-Epstein, Councilwoman  1-1-20
 Emily Doran  1-1-20
 Kelly Grayer  1-1-20
 Adrienne Mecca  1-1-20
 Ruth Merkatz  1-1-20
 Alison Cupp Relyea  1-1-20
 Judith Secon  1-1-20
 Corey Stark  1-1-20
 Amanda Witheiler  1-1-20


Agendas and Minutes