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Coronavirus Update - March 15, 2020

Post Date:03/15/2020 1:48 PM
The City is aware of a social media report of a case in Rye.  This case has not been confirmed by the County Health Department. Please understand, however, that one or more cases would not be unexpected.  We are a city of active and engaged people who travel frequently, and who regularly pursue careers and interests throughout the New York metropolitan area. We as a group may have experienced exposure opportunities in past weeks.


The City of Rye is positioned to receive case reports from the County Department of Health, which in turn is coordinating with New York State. It is important that people who think they have been exposed to COVID-19 contact either State or County. Please call 866-588-0195 or 211 to self-report.  Access to testing is still an issue, and it is obviously important that our health departments have all relevant information.


The reporting process is subject to law, with the goal, among others, of protecting confidential health information.  We must remain protective and supportive of any who have been exposed or are ill.


Your City is acting in coordination with County and State.  We have not been instructed to quarantine. Stores and restaurants may remain open.   Please avoid any congested circumstances. Pick-up and delivery options may be available.  Rye businesses will be grateful for your support.


Some residents  may choose to self-quarantine.  Others may not. Let's please respect each other's choices and, above all, remain calm. 


It may be helpful once again to remember the reports we continue to receive of favorable outcomes for most who become ill. At the same time we must be conscious of the risk to those who are particularly vulnerable and take additional steps to protect them.


I, personally, want to thank all residents and City staff for their continued tolerance for this potentially bumpy road we must travel.


Mayor Josh Cohn
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