Sustainability Committee Information 



Mission Statement: 

The Sustainability Committee of the City of Rye was established in October 2010. Its mission is to draft a Sustainability Plan for the City of Rye taking into consideration Rye's unique natural, social and economic characteristics.


Toward this end, it undertakes the following activities: 

  • Explore best practices and lessons learned from other towns with sustainability plans
  • Provide opportunities for the public to get involved and solicit public input and feedback and
  • Recommend programs and procedures that will result in cost savings and environmental benefits (energy audit based) for future generations


Members: Mimi Bateman, Paul Berte, Melissa Brown-Grieco, Suzanne Clary, Sara Goddard, Melissa Brown-Grieco, Gretchen Kaye-Crowley, Marci Raab, Annalise Stack, Birgit Townley

Contact Info: Sara Goddard at



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