(UPDATED 3-12-18 11:10 AM)

We believe, on the eleventh day after the first nor'easter hit Rye, that all storm-affected Rye residents have had power restored. If that is not the case, please let us know.

I hope this will be my last March nor'easter message. I again express our collective thanks to our police and fire departments, and our DPW, and to all our City staff for all they have done.  I would also like to thank the many residents of Rye who endured long power outages with remarkable patience, and all the residents of Rye, those with and without power, who exhibited great kindness in helping their neighbors. 

I have had the benefit of the City's email list, the "listserv", as an important means of communicating with Rye residents. I have learned, though, that not everyone has signed up for the listserv.  If you are not signed up for the listserv, please do so. The City uses it sparingly and it will not burden your in box.  Instructions are provided below.

Josh Cohn

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The following message was posted on 3-10-18 3:50 PM

Would all Rye residents without power please report your address and when your power went out by email to the City Manager, Marcus Serrano,  or by telephone if email is not available to you. The City Manager's email is and his phones are (o) 967-7411 and (c) 424-3786.

According to Con Ed, the number of outages in Rye is reducing, however slowly. The wait for restoration is intolerable for those who lost power in the second storm, and even more so for those now waiting 9 days since the first storm. The CEO of Con Ed, whose job is now threatened, is blaming town DPWs across Westchester and Rockland for not clearing trees ahead of Con Ed's crews. Know that your DPW was out there before Con Ed and Con Ed's problems in Rye have been Con Ed's problems alone.
Below is a statement that I had read for me on yesterday's municipal officials call with Con Ed.
"I apologize for not being on this call. I am at the County Executive's press conference on Con Ed, in the hope that might do some lasting good.
Yesterday, Rye was told on the elected officials call that there were ten work crews in Rye.  Our police department scoured Rye for work crews.  We found only one work crew in all of the City of Rye.  That is one, not 10.
We have been told that Con Ed does first the repairs that benefit the most people.  This one crew was working at a remote,  two-customer location.
We have examined Con Ed's work list for Rye.  Ten percent of the streets listed are in other towns.  Many of these streets are far from Rye's borders.  And the work list is missing locations in Rye where we know old and sick people, and others with small children, are struggling in the cold and dark. We know they have reported their outages. In what town are they listed?  How can we even begin to look after them?
Clearly, the outage numbers by town are wrong.  Examination shows the outage numbers by location to be inaccurate, too.
On Tuesday night [I have since learned it was Sunday], a Con Ed crew turned off power to those who had it in order to complete a nearby repair on Brookdale Place  The crew left without completing the repair, leaving everyone dark.  Jane Solnick, the [Con Ed] Westchester municipal rep,  committed to me on Tuesday night that as soon as restoration work began again in Rye after Storm Quinn, the repair on Brookdale place would be completed.  Solnick's commitment was false.  Brookdale and its cold neighbors on Milton Road are still waiting.
I will take the risk of speaking plainly. The people of Rye and their representatives have been misserved and misled by Con Ed. And, by the very individuals who are leading this call now. This is intolerable.  Those of us who are elected officials need to think hard about what we can do about this."
Brookdale and many other locations in Rye remain without power.  Your City continues to press Con Ed.
Our Rye Rec warming center, with hot beverages and device charging available, will be open until 5 today.  It will be open from 11 to 6 on Sunday and from 8:30 to 8:30 on Monday. The library is open until 5 today.  It will be closed on Sunday, but open Monday from 9:30 until 5.  Con Ed is distributing dry ice at 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle, in the parking lot behind New Rochelle City Hall.
Please call 911 for emergencies.  The police non-emergency number is 967-1234.  City Manager Serrano's information is above.  I can best be reached at

Josh Cohn



The following message was posted on 3-9-18 1:10 PM

We have seen some progress in power restoration, but not enough. Our City police and fire departments and our DPW continue to perform admirably.  I am going to participate in the County Executive's press conference on Con Ed this morning in the hope that we can begin to get lasting change after this ordeal. Your City officials and staff continue to press Con Ed for each and every Rye resident. We have found, however that we cannot rely on Con Ed's statements or commitments.

Our Rye Rec warming center will be open until 8:30 this evening.  Warm beverages and device charging  are available. The library will be open until 8. We do not yet have information from Con Ed on dry ice distribution today.  Please contact the City Manager for that information after noon.

Please use 911 for emergencies. The police non-emergency number is 967-1234.  City Manager Marcus Serrano's telephone numbers are (o) 967-7411 and (c) 424-3786.  His email is  I can best be reached at

Josh Cohn




The following message was posted on 3-7-18 7:50 PM

Tonight's storm is causing many trees to fall and power lines to fail.  Approximately one-third of Rye is without power as of 7 pm.  DPW is working to clear snow and fallen streets. Storm intensity is expected to abate around 9 pm and then Con Ed crews will begin dealing with fallen wires.  Our DPW, and our police and fire departments are all working hard for the City. Please stay off the roads to the extent possible and TREAT ALL DOWNED WIRES AS LIVE WIRES.

Even before the storm, our electrical outage repair numbers in Rye had moved backwards since yesterday.  The reasons are not clear.  Reasons may include: repairs made and then coming undone; Con Ed discovering new information and Con Ed discovering earlier mistakes in collecting outage information.  Con Ed restoration crews did return to the City today, though their work was interrupted by the weather.  The City has spent a great deal of time with Con Ed, both at repair sites and on the phone attempting to expedite attention to residents' needs. We remain profoundly disappointed in Con Ed's storm response - not with that of individual repair crews, but with that of the utility as a whole.

We continue to be pleased with and proud of the efforts of our police, fire and DPW personnel.

Please report electrical outage information to Con Ed ( 1-800-75-coned; You may in addition (but not as an alternative) report outage information to the City so that we may advocate on your behalf.

Please use 911 for emergencies. The police non-emergency number is 967-1234.  City Manager Marcus Serrano's telephone numbers are (o) 967-7411 and (c) 424-3786.  His email is  I can best be reached at

I look forward with you to the storm's end and the return of light and heat to those without.

Josh Cohn



The following message was posted on 3-6-18 4:15PM

The weather forecast is for another large storm tomorrow.  We may see 6 to 12 inches of snow and wind gusts of 50 mph.  The storm will begin tonight with light snow.  It will intensify tomorrow morning and last into early Thursday.  Please stay off the roads to the extent possible so that City crews may plow

Our whole City staff, with special emphasis on DPW, police and fire personnel, continues to perform admirably under the present demanding circumstances, for which we are grateful. They will be tested again with tomorrow's storm.

Con Ed has once again stated that it will keep in the area those crews Con Ed has obtained from elsewhere, so that they can deal with post storm conditions.

We do not think we have reliable numbers from Con Ed as to our present situation.  Our own estimate is that upwards of a thousand people remain without power in Rye.

There are still downed wires.  Although Con Ed has been "de-energizing", it is still important to treat all downed wires as live.

We have advocated with Con Ed for all, but especially for those who gave us specific information on remaining outages last night and this morning.  We have been dismayed to see restoration crews pulled away and have protested to Con Ed. We understand there are some crews in Rye again.

We have asked for realistic information for those still without power, so that those who will not have power restored know that in time to plan how they may weather tomorrow's storm. We are still waiting for that information and will disseminate it if and when we get it.

We remain aware that Con Ed's robo call mechanism is often wrong in informing people that their power has been restored.  If you receive an erroneous call of this type, please report it promptly to Con Ed, so that you are not forgotten.  Please notify the City as well, so that we can reinforce your message.

The City warming center at Rye Rec will be open until 8 pm today.  Dr. Byrne has informed us that the Rye City Schools will repeat yesterday's kindness by offering warming space this evening at the Middle School.  The school's vendor will have light food available. You may charge your devices, of course, at either location.

Con Ed again has dry ice available until 6 pm at 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle, behind New Rochelle City Hall.

City staff, the City Council and I empathize with those without power.  We will continue to do all we can to remedy the situation.

Please use 911 for emergencies.  The Police Department non-emergency number is 914-967-1234.  City Manager Marcus Serrano can be reached by cell at 914-424-3786 or email  I can be reached at

Josh Cohn




The following message was posted on 3-5-18 3:30PM

Con Ed reports that there are still 431 accounts without power in Rye (down from approximately 2,000). Con Ed robo-calls customers to tell them that power is back on -- but we understand that sometimes the call is made and power is not on. If you receive such an erroneous call, please let both Con Ed (, 1-800-75-coned) and the City Manager know.  The City has requested restoration details from Con Ed, but Con Ed has not been forthcoming.  We need information from residents in order to advocate successfully.  

Con Ed continues to promise 90% restoration throughout Westchester by midnight Tuesday. That means we may have some Rye residents without power after Tuesday.  We need to hear from you if you do not have power Tuesday morning, so that we can make sure that you are on Con Ed's list.

We still have a small number of live wires down.  Please treat all downed wires as live wires.

The City warming center at Rye Rec is open again today, and will remain open until 9pm. Con Ed is distributing dry ice once again at 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle, behind the City Hall.

There is another storm predicted for Wednesday and Thursday.  We will do all we can to have all of Rye with power on before then.  Con Ed has assured us that they are maintaining the additional contractors and loaned crews now at work in the area in order to be able to respond to additional damage.

In order to facilitate storm cleanup, leaf blower use is permitted this week until sundown Friday.

Please use 911 for emergencies.  The police non-emergency number is 967-1234.  City Manager Marcus Serrano's telephone numbers are (o)967-7411 and (c) 424-3786.  His email is  I can best be reached at

Josh Cohn