City of Rye, NY

Fire Department

Peter Cotter
Fire Chief
(914) 967-4508 or
(914) 967-4530


Emergency:  (914) 967-3457 or 911
Milton: (914) 967-4731
Fire Inspector: (914) 967-4586
Fax: (914) 967-8761


Description of Services

The Fire Chief directs the Fire Department which is responsible for the protection of life and property through fire suppression and prevention.


Key Services

Responds to emergency fire calls

Fire Alarm Codes

Emergency Services:

  • Fire suppression service
  • Control of hazardous material incidents
  • Accident victim extrication
  • Public safety education
  • Vehicle extraction
  • Building collapse
  • Flood evacuation
  • Security of utility services during floods of utility company emergencies until the arrival of emergency crews from the utility company and all other natural disorders

Marine fire protection

  • Assistance to other agencies for search & rescue
  • Assistance to other agencies for emergency electric power
  • Assistance to other agencies for traffic control
  • Mutual aid assistance to other communities


  • Fire prevention programs and activities
  • Building lock-out/lock-in assistance


  • Fire and arson investigations
  • Code Enforcement
  • Fire safety inspections

Carreer Lieutenant and Fire Inspector:
Lieutenant Kurt Tietjen, Fire Inspector, Email:

Rye Professional Firefighters Association:
John Castelhano, President, Email:    
Andrew Northsheild, Vice President, Email:
Harold Aken III, Secretary - Treasurer, Email:

Volunteer Staff:
Mike Taylor - Chief of Department
Peter Cotter - 1st Assistant Chief
Mike Billington - 2nd Assistant Chief

Board of Fire Wardens:
Nick Loddo
Arcadio Ocasio
Joseph Carlucci
Robert Rispoli
Peter Anfuso
John Yusi    
Richard Barber
James Finneran

Max Billington - Secretary of the Rye Fire Department

Alastair Murdoch - Treasurer of the Rye Fire Department

Fire Companies of the Rye Fire Department

Poningoe Hook and Ladder Company

Mike Taylor - Chief
Richard Cadigan - Captain
Joe Graham - Lieutenant
Mike Stoddart - Lieutenant

Arcadio Ocasio - Warden
Nick Loddo - Warden

Poningoe Engine and Hose Company

Mike Billington - Chief
David Mayo - Captain
Max Billington - Lieutenant
Joseph Carlucci - Warden

Robert Rispoli - Warden
Cristian Acevedo - Lietenant

Milton Point Engine and Hose Company
Chuck Murry - Captain
Dan Bochicchio - Lieutenant
Chris Blaich - Lieutenant

John Yusi - Warden
Peter Anfuso - Warden

Fire Police Patrol
Lori Talento - Captain
Ann Ivan - Lieutenant
Robert Martin - Lieutenant
Richard Barber - Warden
Jim Finnerman - Warden