City of Rye, NY


Noreen P. Whitty,
City Assessor
(914) 967-7565


1. What is the primary role of the assessor?
The assessor prepares an assessment roll of all real property within the corporate limits of the City of Rye, establishing the condition, value and taxable status of each parcel of property.  The assessed valuation determined by the assessor is then used to apportion the amount of city, county and school taxes to be levied against each parcel of real estate.

2.  When will my property be reassessed?

Generally speaking, properties are reassessed when an improvement is made.  Upon issuance of a building permit, the property will be inspected and a reassessment will occur if it is determined that the improvement adds value.

3.  How much will my taxes increase if I improve my property?
It depends upon the type, quality and size of improvement.  If you have a question about the potential tax impact of a construction project, feel free to contact the assessor.

4.  What is the STAR exemption and do I qualify?
STAR is the New York State School Tax Relief program that provides an exemption from school property taxes for owner-occupied, primary residences including condominiums and cooperative apartments regardless of age or income.  There is an additional or “enhanced” exemption available under the STAR program to persons 65 or older whose adjusted gross income is under $66,050 (combined a.g.i. if married).  Applications must be filed by May 1 along with proof of residency (and income for enhanced applicants).  For more information or an application contact the assessor’s office.

5.  Am I eligible for an Aged (Senior Citizen) Exemption?

To qualify for an Aged exemption, you must be 65 years of age or older and your gross income (combined gross income if married) cannot exceed $32,399.99.  The property must also be the “legal residence” of all owners, with certain exceptions.  Certain other requirements apply.  Applications must be filed by May 1 along with proof of age and income.  For more information or an application contact the assessor’s office.

6.  Am I eligible for a Veteran’s exemption?

This exemption is available for qualified residential real property owned by veterans who served in the armed forces during a defined period of war, veterans who received particular expeditionary medals, or certain of their family members.  The property must be the primary residence of the veteran, with certain exceptions.

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