City of Rye, NY


Noreen P. Whitty,
City Assessor
(914) 967-7565


Hours of Operation
Winter Hours
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (Counter Closes at 2pm Wednesday and Friday)

Summer Hours (Memorial Day thru Labor Day)
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm (Counter Closes at 2pm Wednesday and Friday)


Description of Services

The Assessor prepares an assessment roll of all real property, vacant and improved, within the corporate limits of the City of Rye, establishing the condition, value and taxable status of each parcel of property as of the first day of May each year. The valuations determined by the assessor are then used to apportion the amount of the City, County, and School District taxes to be levied against each parcel of real estate.

This department holds the inventory for all real property. They maintain and update tax maps, sewers, drains, contours and topographic maps. Deeds are kept on file, as are surveys. Sales of real property are kept by street. Statistical analysis are created through spreadsheets for effective tax rates, neighborhood analysis, county analysis.


Key Services

  • Establish an assessed value of all real property
  • Maintains deeds
  • Record ownership
  • Maintains and updates property descriptions and improvements
  • Maintains maps
  • Maintains surveys
  • Issues real property tax exemptions
  • Maintains and analyzes sales data


Document Links:

Real Property Assessment Complaint Form Instructions

Real Property Assessment Complaint Form


Definition of Terms:

Assessed Value:
Is a percentage of current market value used for the apportionment of taxes.

The city, while not required by law to maintain deeds, as a service to the taxpayers, has maintained and preserved deeds dating back to the early 1900’s. If you need a copy of your deed, feel free to contact your assessor and request a copy. If it is not on file in your local assessor’s office and has been recorded, the county land records will have it. It is suggested that you supply a copy to your local assessor’s office to have on file for your convenience at a later date
Property Record Cards:
There is an inventory card for all real property within each municipality. The information on the property cards include but is not limited to the inventory of rooms, bedrooms, baths, building permit numbers, certificate of occupancy numbers, inspection dates, amenities on the parcel, sales history assessment history and an exterior sketch of the property with the square footage calculated.
This department maintains and updates tax maps, sewer, drains, contours and topographical maps. These maps are used by all city officials, notification to abutters, architects, engineers, realtors, attorneys, etc.
This department has collected and maintained surveys of parcels within the City of Rye. These files, while extensive are not complete. As with the deeds, submissions of surveys to the assessment department is not required but suggested. If you need a copy of your survey, call to inquire if we have it on file prior to going to land records at the county. This department keeps the surveys on file for convenience to our taxpayers.
Sales Data:
All sales and transfer records are recorded at the county level and the local level through this department. Sales data is used to establish trends in the market, average sales prices on an annual basis, comparative analysis of asking prices to sales prices again on an annual basis. Sales are recorded on individual property cards and on a street index.


Assessment Staff:

Noreen P. Whitty, City Assessor at

For further information contact:
NYS Office of Real Property Services